Wood shavings are a one hundred per cent natural product and are generated mostly during the machine processing of wood in timber mills. Furthermore, they are also a waste product in gang saw and/or planing mills or in other procedures of the wood processing industry.

Normally, a difference is made between wood chips and wood shavings, as well as between sawdust, a clearly finer, dustier product.

Our high-quality chips, which are left in their natural state except for mechanical treatment, are used as bedding material in agriculture. Moreover, they represent a valuable raw material in the wood material and pellet industry and are a valued product.

We supply you with our chips as loose bulk material in partial or whole loads using a moving-floor vehicle (walking-floor*) free delivery, and that reliable and flexible – just really tough.

*WALKING FLOOR® (WALKING FLOOR is a registered trademark of KEITH Mfg. Co.)