Wood fibres

Wood fibres are generated by the pulping of wood chips. Steaming, boiling and chemical or mechanical pulping leads to the development of single fibres, fibre bundles and fibre fragments. The wood chips are used primarily for the manufacture of wood-fibre materials (e.g., medium-density fibreboards – MDF).

Additionally, the fibres are also used in the production of substrates and soils. If required, we can supply you with fibres in loose bulk using a moving-floor vehicle (walking-floor*).


Firewood is humanity’s oldest fuel. This firewood is used not only for heating but also for cooking. For your homely open fireplace, we especially recommend hardwoods as the best energy source. They burn more slowly than coniferous wood. However, they clearly generate more ash. Coniferous wood is more suitable for kitchen ovens since it generates heat more quickly.


Off-cuts refer to the industrial residual wood which is generated by the length cutting of round wood and trunkwood in timber mills. It can also occur in the length cutting of sawn wood. The usual types of wood here include spruce, pine, larch, Douglas fir, beech and oak. It is used predominantly in the production of chipboards and wooden composite boards. In addition, it can be used as oven-ready firewood.

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