Bedding chips

Bedding chips are generated as a co-product or a by-product during cutting in (planing or gang-saw) timber mills. Subsequently, these are then partially screened in order to separate both a rough and a fine fraction.
Our bedding chips are mostly screened fine chips which come exclusively from soft-wood timber mills (pine/spruce) and are left in their natural state except for mechanical handling. They are used primarily for dairy cattle and are a high-quality, field-tested product.

In addition, on request, we can also gladly provide you with planing chips as bedding material. Planing chips are a soft, pliable, dry product and also left in their natural state except for mechanical treatment. The delivery of these bulk material products takes place as a whole or partial load using a moving-floor vehicle walking-floor* from our in-house fleet.

Our high-quality wood chips are ideally suited for your cow stalls or poultry keeps. They are ideal for easing up on joints, since the ground remains soft and elastic.

*WALKING FLOOR® (WALKING FLOOR is a registered trademark of KEITH Mfg. Co.)