Bark mulch

The term bark mulch refers to unfermented, shredded coniferous bark. The initial material for this is raw bark. Bark mulch has more than a decorative function. It also suppresses the growth of undesired weeds. Moreover, bark mulch protects your soil from dehydration.

We offer you the following grain sizes:

00-20; 10-20 mm: fine bark mulch
00-40 mm: fine to medium-coarse bark mulch
10-40mm; 20-45 mm: medium-coarse bark mulch
00-80mm: medium-coarse to coarse bark mulch

You can also purchase raw bark from us, for example, to produce your own bark mulch.

Bark humus

Bark humus is composted bark which has been enriched with nitrogen. Harmful materials are removed during the implementation processes. With its high organic mass content, it improves your soil and is a valuable aggregate for mineral products and for substrates.