• Olaf Retemeyer’s (qualified wholesale and export merchant) start in the disposal and logistics sector
  • ending up as sales manager “Disposal” with full authorization to act



  • Start of self-employment at the desk and at home in the living room with disposal and logistics services
  • March: Move to an external office
  • May: Hiring of the first employee
  • Autumn: Beginning of trade in metal



  • First municipal commission for disposal


  • Establishment of the current RETRALOG Recycling GmbH


  • Acquisition of the first trailer for logistics
  • Establishment of the production facilities in Potsdam



  • Establishment of the current RETRALOG as a holding company


  • Introduction of the employee Jan Schlichtmann into the management and as a partner of today’s RETRALOG Recycling GmbH
  • Beginning of trade with timber mill by-products
  • Establishment of the current RETRALOG TTP GmbH Treatment – Trade – Projects .
  • Set-up of sales offices in Spain and France


  • First waste processing for metal extraction abroad
  • First commissions for loading activities



  • Tenth anniversary and joint representation of all company areas under the name RETRALOG



Moving to the new office at Julius-Leber-Weg 9, D-21684 Stade

  • 11.000 m² land area
  • 3.000 m² storage area
  • 460 m² office space

Retralog Gebäude 2017



  • Stephan Ruppe joins the Management Board of RETRALOG GmbH



petra-reliable-300x200We fulfil our customers’ wishes with great motivation and richness of ideas. We work in an absolutely cost effective way. We achieve our goals by means of really tough proximity to the market, specialist knowledge and diversity. We gladly assume responsibility for our Actions.

kristina-gause-personal-details-300x200… PERSONAL DETAILS

Success is essential, but not everything. Above all, a flat hierarchy is important to us. An open style of communication is also essential to us. We work closely together on a trans-sectoral basis. And so, expertise and creativity should be able to complement each other. Our employees are involved both operatively and emotionally in decisions, so that these are always transparent and understandable. This is how we form a really tough team.


frank-authentic1-300x200Sometimes – even with us – things happen other than planned. This helps us to continually improve. Everybody has the freedom to explore his specialist area with enthusiasm. We do not think therefore in quarterly results, but with passion. We just live our values.


kontorhaus-150x150Our headquarters has been located since its foundation in Stade. In accordance with the Stade city slogan “Fresh Wind in the North”, life and work can be excellently combined here. Stade is multi-coloured, international and north German. The Hanseatic town is the administrative town of the district of the same name in Lower Saxony and an independent municipality. The town, with about 48,000 inhabitants, lies on the south-west bank of the lower Elbe, about 45 kilometres west of Hamburg, on the edge of the Altes Land, and belongs to the metropolitan area of Hamburg.


potsdam-150x150In addition to our headquarters in Stade, we also maintain operation facilities in Potsdam. Potsdam is located directly adjacent to Berlin and, as the federal state capital, is the largest city in Brandenburg with over 164,000 inhabitants. As far back as 1990, the cultural landscape, with its numerous castles and the historical old town, was designated by UNESCO as the largest ensemble of German world heritage sites. Some of our employees from the business area of “metal trade” work and live in the historical cultural town on the lakes of the Havel.  


We regularly hold really tough team events. This is not only fun but it also generates common memories. No matter whether it is a strike in bowls, a rather wet canoe ride or farmer’s golf at the cow pasture – there is always something to laugh about. Here just one small glance:  


When the people in a company gladly do what they do and work together with enthusiasm and respect, this leads to the creation of a “really tough” team. We are convinced that just such a team represents the basis for customer orientation, success, life balance and future viability.


On the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of the company, a completely new marketing concept was created. RETROLOG “really tough” as a new mission now covers the whole marketing program. No really tough fun was missed during the video filming and photo shooting: