Secondary raw materials are used within the framework of the raw material industry for a second time or more. They are obtained from disposed material and serve as the initial materials for new products. With the removal of your secondary raw materials, we conserve natural resources and make a contribution towards sustainable development.

The removal of your material takes place in the form of baled or loose goods by means of our in-house system of logistics.

According to the quality of the material, we can offer you really tough reimbursement. Ask us about your offer.

We remove the following secondary raw materials and direct them to recycling for you:

  • Glass
    • Flat glass
    • Hollow glass / container glass
    • Special types of glass
    • Wire glas
  • Textiles / old textiles / old clothes
  • PVC fames / PVC cable housings
  • PUR sawdust / dust / briquettes
  • PUR foams
  • Silo/agricultural foil
  • PET bottles / PET flakes
  • Metals