We can offer you the disposal of mass bulk material waste on a national scale, including the necessary logistic aspects:

  • Domestic waste
  • Fractions from domestic waste
  • Lower screen residue from pre-treated, organic and/or mineral waste
  • Replacement fuel – pre-material (EBS)
  • Sorting residue from construction site waste
  • Sorting residue from commercial waste
  • Sorting residue from bulky waste
  • DSD sorting waste (dual system recycling), mixed synthetics (Miku)
  • MBA residues from bio-mechanical treatment / Hwr fraction

We can offer you various procedures for the removal of your waste:

  • Waste incineration plants
  • Replacement fuel power plants (eddy layer and/or rust burning equipment)
  • Mechanical, biological waste treatment (MBA)
  • Burning in power plants (Co burning)
  • Processing for cement mills and power plants