Maik Henke – Really tough

What my task at RETRALOG is?

I am primarily involved with mixed metals from recycling processes such as, for example, non ferrous from waste incineration bottom ash, but also special cases and diverse projects.

Why I am really tough in recycling?

Because I am part of a big network and am always open for new ideas. I am very creative but my technical understanding also helps me to find these new ideas. With my open and amiable nature I can very quickly convince our customers and recyclers of the advantages.

What I like about my job?

The contact with the customers and recyclers, as well as the business trips nationally and abroad.

What I like about RETRALOG?

That I can freely follow up the projects which I find interesting and that I work in a team on which I can rely.

What I like to do in my free time?

I play baseball and football. If any time is left over from the game schedules I like to drive my classic car and I like to travel.

Your favourite subject in school?

Free period!

Maik Henke not in the office:

Maik Henke – Really tough

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