Jan Schlichtmann – Really tough

What my task at RETRALOG is?

I manage the two business areas “Recycling/Disposal” and the “Trade in Timber Mill Secondary Products”.

Why I am really tough in recycling?

I have been working in the recycling and disposal sector for almost 15 years and I still learn something new every day – and that with a passion. You can perform in a really tough way only if you bring enthusiasm and interest to your work.

What I like about my job?

I love the variety. Even in the 21st century, almost all companies generate production waste and residues, which are then disposed of and, where possible, sensibly used/recycled. In addition, the modern recycling industry means that treated materials can be increasingly used even in industrial processes (e.g. a modern cement mill which uses processed waste as a secondary fuel).

What I like about RETRALOG?

Especially the good team. In addition, the independent and varied work.

What I like to do in my free time?

Doing things with my family, jogging, reading or just simply relaxing on the sofa with my wife and a tasty pizza.

Your favourite joke?

I don’t laugh. NEVER!

Jan Schlichtmann not in the office:

Jan Schlichtmann – Really tough

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