Really tough reasons why we are your partner in the metal trade

Metallhandel Team

  • You expect an honest evaluation of your material and a working relationship built on trust? That is a matter of course for us. Our goal is to enter a long-term partnership with you on the basis of trust. For more than 10 years, we have stood for professionalism and reliability.

  • Processing technology, the volatile metal market, everything is in motion. Within these framework conditions, we can offer you optimum treatment and utilization of your material with very good prices on the basis of international comparison.

  • You want to receive your money in good time? No problem! We pay your invoice immediately on request. We have a trustworthy rating with the internationally known commercial credit insurers such as Hermes, Atradius, Coface as well as with the Creditreform information office. Additionally, we possess commercial credit insurance.

  • You would like to have really tough prices for your metals (non-ferrous and ferrous) at an international level? Then you’ve come to the right place. Together with our RETRALOG® logistics, we offer you a really tough service from place of business both nationally and internationally. In the case of cross-border trade, we take care of all the necessary requirements regarding waste law and tax law for you.