Walking-floor transport and logistics

Many years of experience in the field of bulk materials – particularly with walking-floor* and large-volume tipper vehicles – are our strengths for you.

Our services:

  • Walking-floor* with up to 92 cbm load volume
  • Tippers from 22 up to 55 cbm load volume (including sludge-sealed)
  • “dangerous waste” and “non-dangerous waste”

Our strengths:

  • More than 80,000 t per month
  • National and international, with satellite-monitored vehicles
  • Trained staff and many years of experience
  • Fast and direct means of communication
  • Quick offers
  • Partner for the waste disposal sector, municipalities and industry

*WALKING FLOOR® (WALKING FLOOR is a registered trademark of KEITH Manufacturing Co.)

We are the really tough transporters for hauling bulk materials in large-volume tippers

The RETRALOG group loads/unloads and transports materials for waste processing and waste collection companies, waste handling agencies, local councils and the industrial sector. Our customers often require loose materials transported, so our fleet of tipper trucks is steadily growing. These vehicles can transport loads of 22 to 55 cubic metres and some are even watertight. After many years in the trade, our partners know exactly which truck is the most suitable to transport hazardous or non-hazardous waste. We currently move over 750,000 tonnes a year around Germany and internationally in vehicles equipped with satellite navigation systems. RETRALOG: your really tough partner in transporting bulk materials.

Moving-floor trailers

The RETRALOG group has a large fleet of moving-floor tippers, also known as Walking Floor tippers, and it’s growing larger every day. In partnership with logistics experts, we provide a full range of services based on the Walking Floor system. Our tippers can carry loads of up to 92 cubic metres of loose materials and can also transport pallets. The moving floor system in our trailers uses conveyor slats to automatically move the load forwards or backwards. This means our vehicles don’t need to be tipped for unloading or loaded from above, except when being filled with loose materials. WALKING FLOOR® is a registered trademark of KEITH Manufacturing Co., a system commonly referred to as a mobile or moving-floor trailer.