Retralog Service GmbH

RETRALOG® Service GmbH is a holding company which was founded in 2011.

Retralog GmbH

RETRALOG® GmbH was founded in 2005 for the purpose of providing disposal and logistics services. Today, it is mainly active in the field of logistics and in the metal trade.

Managing Director: Olaf Retemeyer, Stephan Ruppe
VAT identification number: DE 814559511
Commercial register: Local court Tostedt, HRB 200470

Retralog Recycling GmbH

RETRALOG® Recycling GmbH was founded in 2008, at that time as RENO GmbH – Recycling-Nord. Since then, it has been involved in the disposal activities and the trade associated with sawmill secondary products as well as with other commodities.

Managing Director: Olaf Retemeyer, Jan Schlichtmann.
VAT identification number: DE 260250010
Commercial register: Local court Tostedt, HRB 201314

Retralog TTP GmbH

RETRALOG® TTP GmbH was founded in 2013, at that time as RE-Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH. In addition to waste processing and the trade in metals as well as residual and waste materials abroad, the company is also involved in the international trade in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, loading equipment and plant components.

Managing director: Olaf Retemeyer
VAT identification number: DE 287257130
Commercial register: Local court Tostedt, HRB 203810


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RETRALOG maintains long-term business relationships in disposal, trade and services in Germany and in other European countries. In the trade in commercial vehicles, the company’s activities also extend to countries on other continents.