We use several mobile units for the processing of bottom ash from the incineration of domestic waste. Using modern technology, we separate iron and non-ferrous metals, starting from a bottom ash grain size of 2 mm. The post-processing of bottom ash which has already been treated and cleaned of metals also forms one of our core skills. On request, we can support you in the international marketing of iron and non-ferrous metals.

Mobile bottom ash processing:

  • Modern, mobile technology (up to 1,200 t per day, space requirements between 800 sqm and 1,600 sqm, construction time three days)
  • Breakers
  • Diverse non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal separators, including high-polish non-ferrous metal separation of 2-6 mm
  • Cabin for hand sorting > 55 mm for VA, copper, brass, zinc, aluminium
  • Including excavators, wheel mounters and personnel
  • Independent, mobile power supply
  • Conveyor belts, screens, containers/collection boxes, diesel tanks
  • Grain sizes from 2 mm – 2-6 mm, 6-12 mm, 12-55 mm, 0-55 mm, and others
  • Processing as paid service for you or at RETRALOG’s own risk